Friday, April 16, 2021

Jay Cutler Supported Shawn Rhoden, Giving Him a Valuable Advice

2019 Olimpia is the most awaited event for competing bodybuilders and their fans. The main professional contest will finally give us an answer to the trending question: ‘Who is about to take the Olympia throne this year?’.

No doubts, that the current Olympia champion Shawn Rhoden is in great stress. Last year he won the champion title, dethroning the former seven-times champion Phil Heath. It was the first victory for Shawn and the first experience of being a champion.

This year Shawn has to face, probably, the greatest challenge in his career. The sportsman will try his best to keep the title. However, competition is not going to be easy. Rhoden will meet lots of strong opponents and this contest may become the end of his reign.

There are a lot of people who support Shawn. His colleague and the former Olympia champion Jay Cutler is one of those who want to see Rhoden winning the contest again. He used an opportunity to address the current champion, sharing his advice and recommendations.

Jay thinks that he and Rhoden have something in common. Cutler once faced a similar situation, that’s why he decided that his experience may become a helpful example for Shawn Rhoden.

Cutler told Rhoden that the upcoming Olympia contest was not going to be easy and it was the right time to think about that. The former champion also tells that it’s quite hard to stay motivated when you are already a champion. However, when you hold the throne, you shall train times harder and always remember about those sportsmen who dream to take your place and do everything possible for that.


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