Jay Cutler Discussed a Documentary Film About Ronnie Coleman

Ronnie Coleman is a real bodybuilding legend. There is no doubt he deserves being spoken about. The man that went a long way from being one of the worst Olympia contestants to an absolute champion of the most important bodybuilding competition definitely has what to say or to advice.

Many fans of the sport insist on calling Coleman the G.O.A.T. (The Greatest Of All Times) bodybuilder, admiring the incredible will, character, and physique of the sportsman. No doubts, Ronnie Coleman is a symbol of the new modern era of the bodybuilding and the role model for every bodybuilder on the planet.

Winning a champion title, Ronnie changed standards of the bodybuilding, giving some fresh breath to the sport and inspiring many people around the world.

The documentary called “Ronnie Coleman: The King” is something more than another informative film. It’s a real autobiography and somehow a very honest confession of the sportsman.

This film may be a successful attempt to put not only the name of Coleman in the history of the sport but also his life principles, his philosophy, and ideas.

Right after the release, the film caused great interested and become a subject for many discussions. Not only fans of Coleman but also his colleagues and former competitors were excited to watch the film.

While most were quite laconic expressing their thought about the movie, Jay Cutler who is one of the most serious competitors of Coleman in the past and his friend now decided to share his idea about the film and in addition remembering some old stories from the time when Cutler and Coleman used to meet on the professional stage.


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