Social activity of many sportsmen gives us a chance to learn more about bodybuilding and the way it works. In many cases. we don’t need to waste too much time looking for some new great exercises to add some to our training routine. It’s enough to check an account of a sports celebrity and to find a couple of interesting tips there.

No doubt, successful bodybuilders are the best to learn from. Some of them are leaving sports encyclopedia ready to show lots of professional secrets and great advice. However, TV stars and celebrities from the world of show business also have some information to share.

Jason Statham is an action star that everyone knows. He is not only a popular actor but also a sports enthusiast that spends hours in a gym daily. Looking at Jason and his strong shredded body it’s quite hard to say he’s 51 years old already. What does help him to stay fit and have such an amazing physique?

The secret is simple. The sportsman has the same hard training as professional bodybuilders do. Statham has been training for many years and now can be considered as a real sports expert.

That’s why fans of the actor often ask him to share some of his fitness tips and effective training strategies. Jason is always happy to inspire people for training and a healthier lifestyle. One of the latest videos of his training has gathered thousands of views and comments. The short video has become a real inspiration and received great positive feedback from people all over the world.

Watch the video to check an insane workout of Jason Statham and find out which exercises help him to stay fit and strong!


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