pregnant janet jackson
(Image: AKM-GSI)

Spotted in London clad in dark sweat pants with a matching sweater plus a very visible baby bump is the 50-year-old singer, Janet Jackson, and by the looks of it, she’s carrying more than one bun in her oven! Reports about the singing sensation being pregnant started way back in May, and though a delivery date has not been revealed, rumor has it that she is set to give birth next month.

Janet Jackson is said to have gained a whopping 100 pounds since this pregnancy started and with those numbers, it is very likely that she has twins on the way. There are fans that love her and of course are worried about the effects that this pregnancy may have on their favorite idol, they believe her ideal weight should only be 50 to 60 pounds.

Janet Jackson and her 41-year-old husband Wissam Al Mana was said to have undergone fertility treatment and in vitro fertilization. That process gives the parents an option of how many embryos will be planted into the woman’s uterus. If that is the reason for her pregnancy, Janet having twins is not far from impossible. Even the friends of the singer believe that she is carrying two babies in there.

Moreover, Janet Jackson announced last April that her tour will be pushed back in the name of planning a family. She did ask for the understanding from the fans saying that it is of the essence that she start her family now. The singer of course plans to resume her tour once able, however, if she is having twins, it may take a while before she is healthy enough to resume her tour.


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