Jacques Torres
(Image: Mrchocolate)

Jacques Torres Welcomes Son Pierre in a euphoric way. Jacques Torres is a well-known pastry chef. His wife Hasty is also a renowned chef. Jacques proposed his beloved wife in the chocolate factory and started their life from there. Both the chefs are very popular. And this time, they have a new “chocolate” addition in their family. This Friday, in New York City they get blessed with a baby boy Pierre.

According to sources, Pierre is weighed in at 6 lbs. And 18.7 inches at birth. After his birth, the parents were extremely happy. Jacques Torres posted a status on Instagram just right after his birth. He mentioned there about the feelings. He explained that his son is the precious gift of his life. He is happy that God sent a little chocolate croissant in his family.

He was overwhelmed with the joy right after the baby birth. His tweets showed the happiness. Though Pierre is the first child of the couple, they could not control their emotions. The parents are incredibly delightful with their new addition. Torres posted some cute and adorable photographs of the baby, where he is cradling and embraces him with a cheerful emotion.


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