So in early games of national football league 2016 week one there will be a fight between Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Green Bay Packers. If any of them is your favorite team, then we have got some news for you, if you want to know all the predictions and preview about Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Green Mat match then continuous reading below:

September the Jaguars had been struggling in the league years now unlike the Packers who used to enter the season as one of the Super Bowl favorites. The preseason reflected this as Green Bay went 3-1 while Jacksonville settled at 1-3.  The head man on the Jags sidelines Gus Bradley

Has just won 12 games in his first three years of the season, no one has ever been allowed to play in the fourth year of NF season, so he is going to be the only coach to be allowed for this


Aaaron Rodgers has been the rising star starter for the cheese heads since Brett Favre left Breen Bay. Much will not change this time Rodgers is going to play again; we have witnessed him 31 touchdown seasons, and he has thrown himself for 4,000 yards.


Eddie Lacy returns at running back. The big back rushed for just 758 yards and three scores a year ago, but James Stark, who also returns, ran for 601 and two TD’s.  Jordy Nelson missed entirely missed out last season having an ACL injury but is back for the 2016 campaign; this would give Rodgers more strengths for offensive moves. With Nelson’s return, Randall Cobb will face less double-teams and might be in open position. Mike Daniels having a combined 49 tackles and four sacks last year will rely

Jacksonville Jaguars vs Green Bay Packers NFL game preview & Predictions



Note : These predictions are from Iron Rank and they predicted that Packers will win.


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