Tuesday, June 22, 2021

 Italian Sportsmen Show How Bodybuilding  Makes People Look Younger

There’s nothing that can stop you from aging. However, a healthy low-fat diet and some sports activity slow some mechanisms of aging down. We all know that sports enthusiasts and fitness gurus are looking quite younger than other people of their age. Nevertheless, an Italian enthusiast managed to reach an incredible result that shocks even sports celebrities.

Roberto Casarotto was almost 50 when he heard his son was struggling to get an excellent physique and to join a bodybuilding contest. He decided to support his son as they always were very close. Having no great plans, Roberto started to come to a gym together with his son Stefan. It was nothing but fun at the beginning.

Fortunately, Roberto’s body started to transform quickly. Supported and supervised by his son, Roberto managed to reach shocking results and decided to compete as well. Now, there are two competing bodybuilders in Casarotto family and they train together weekly.

Having family support is always great. Moreover, bodybuilding made the relationship between father and son even greater. They found a way to spend more time together and they always have what to talk about. Moreover, now they are taken as brothers. Surprisingly Roberto who is 51 and his 23 y.o. son look nearly the same age.

“When you start to see the change, you appreciate what you see in the mirror and this makes you feel good.” – Roberto says.

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