Clash of Clans 2016 Updating
(Credits : Youtube)

The first expected update includes a hair of augmented-reality factor. This news is receiving little attention by gaming experts who are emphasizing the fact that an entirely new application will need to be created if Clash of Clans attempts to go down the virtual path.

The second expected update revolves around the penalty system. This Clash of Clans update will reportedly include changes regarding looting and penalty system. The popularity of this feature can’t be determined as of yet as it can go either way.

The third update which is being expected this September will give players a chance to carry out free gem mining. If this feature makes the cut and is actually introduced in the upcoming update, it is sure to please a lot of players. Gem earning in this game involves real money and is considered very difficult. If free gem mining is actually allowed by Supercell, their profits might take a slight dip.

The fourth update is in regard to the system of town halls which will certainly be a crowd pleaser for the newbies. New players will be able to exploit greater game benefits without reaching TH11. The existing game has certain restrictions for players below TH11.

The most highly anticipated part of this update is related to arranged wars or ‘Clan Challenges’. The arranged clan challenges will provide a new experience to players by allowing them to send a friendly clan challenge request to other clans. The tentative release date for this update is 18th of September.


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