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As far as the operating system is concerned, most of the fans love to opt for the smartphone that has the coolest operating system. The partnership of Samsung and Android has offered us with such fascinating variety of smartphones and this is why, Android 6.0 Marshmallow with TouchWiz is the latest OS that will expectedly be part of Samsung Galaxy S7.

However, the latest buzz had everyone in awe as Samsung is going to say pip pip to Android OS and thus with the launch of Galaxy S7, the South-Korean giant is going to come up with its own operating system, Tizen. With this release, Tizen will be in its perfect form. As Tizen needed a breakthrough and this would be provided by Samsung in the shape of Galaxy S7, we can say that the Galaxy S7 and Tizen combo would be the best one being offered to the fans.

Seeing the insane fervor attached to the iOS phenomenon, it is expected that Samsung would also work on a distinguished OS known as Tizen and Samsung Galaxy S& can be the first step in this regard. As far as Tizen overall performance is concerned, the OS has been praised for its functionality and features and it is more likely that Samsung would work more hard on its features.


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