Bodybuilding has already become more than another type of sport. It’s a new culture with its rules, cults, and traditions. And, surely, it’s new perspectives for businesses.

The figurine company called ‘Iron Idols’ came to the market with a great idea. The company founders who are themselves true fans of bodybuilding decided to create figures that remind some popular bodybuilding stars.

The idea is now supported by many sports fans who love to get a mini copy of their favorite bodybuilder or fitness guru. The company has already created iron figures of some Olympia champion and those great bodybuilders who get a lot of social attention.

Some famous bodybuilders liked the idea and supported the company. However, there’s still a risk that some sportsmen can get mad because their images were used without their official consent.

Moreover, some sportsmen may want to get some fees for using their images. In any case, now Iron Idols are in great risk to provoke a huge scandal. Now, when the company has become successful and known to many people, it may also attract the attention of its business competitors.  

Iron Idols started its production not a long time ago, however, they have already got a lot of admirers and supporters. Many people are trying to rise the subject of getting an official concern from the sports starts to continue the business safely and legally.

Perhaps, such support and attention will stimulate Iron Idols to sign legal contracts with those sportsmen whose image they use for their famous dolls.



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