Iris Kyle Is Back for the 2020 Olympia Contest

Iris Kyle is one of the best female bodybuilders in the world. Iris stopped competing more than 5 years ago. Yet the female bodybuilding legend plans to return. She has a new aim to follow in 2020!

Iris Kyle is a legendary bodybuilder. Being a role model for many sportsmen, Iris has won the Olympia 10 times. This is an absolute record. Her results are unique for both male and female bodybuilding. Kyle is called a genius of female sports. She’s often compared to Ronnie Coleman. Both of them changed the standards of the sport.

Iris stopped competing almost 6 years ago. She thought female bodybuilding deserved more attention and better organization. Together with her personal issues, this became a reason for her to leave the stage. Yet even years after her retirement, she received great support from her fans.

Olympia management is planning to restore female bodybuilding this year. The division will get a great chance to become more popular and attractive. Iris decided she can’t miss such an opportunity. She wants to support the sport. Thousands of sportsmen globally follow Iris. They believe in her. Iris thinks it may be the right chance to motivate her fans.

Kyle is also sure she can make her career even more fascinating. She’s coming back for the victory. It may be her 11th title. Experts say she has great chances to take the first place. Another gold will strengthen her image of a legend in female bodybuilding.

Fans of female sport may witness even more surprises this year. Two great fitness celebrities, Oksana Grishina and Adela Garcia are also joining the contest in 2020. This will make female bodybuilding and fitness extremely popular again. Sports fans are waiting for their official comments soon.

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