iPhone 8
(Image: Thongtincongnghe)

The world changing device known as the iPhone will be turning 10 next year and Apple is expected to release a very special and powerful device to celebrate a decade of beautiful technology. The iPhone 8 will surely come next year and it is said to be so great that it’s overkill.

The iPhone 8 will come with major upgrades and extremely high-tech features. Rumor has it that the iPhone 8 is already in development as early as now, even though the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus were just released, the longer the bun stays in the oven, the better the result. Or is it? One thing is for sure, the celebratory iPhone will be very different from those that came before it, especially since Apple is now known to enjoy embracing changes.

As per the rumors roaming about, the iPhone 8 will have full on glass surface with curved edges, it will also be ditching the physical home button in exchange for a virtual home button under the glass surface. Apple is indeed determined to create an all new iPhone next year, however, will they be able to pull it off successfully? Or will it be overkill? The all glass frontal will surely cost a lot of money to pull off, will it be worth it?

Many are known to bash the iPhone’s royal image and sky hight prices, especially since other cheaper phones in the market can beat the iPhone 7 in terms of specifications, one is the OnePlus 3 that certainly beats the iPhone in terms of resolution, RAM, and battery. While the Google Pixel has overpowered the iPhone 7 Plus’ camera.

Fans are hoping that the iPhone 8 will not only be an aesthetic beauty, but also an improved iPhone internally, only then will it be real royalty.


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