Apple iPhone 8 Release
(Image: wallpaperscraft)

According to Business Insider, an unnamed Apple employee spilled the beans regarding the iPhone 8. The person has confirmed that the 10th anniversary Apple phone is already under development. Moreover, it is said that a staff located in Israel is working on the new features the iPhone 8 will have.

It was also shared by the unnamed Apple employee that the iPhone 8 will be very much different compared to its predecessors, namely the iPhone 6s and iPhone 7. That being said, the iPhone 8’s proclaimed qualities will be enough reason for Apple to totally ditch the iPhone 7s and its release next year. To support this rumor, next year is the iPhone’s 1, and it seems like Apple wouldn’t like to have the flagship phone of the year have an S in it – thus, the iPhone 8. Especially since the ‘s’ phones usually just offer minor improvements as compared to the first model.

It was also leaked that the iPhone 8 will have an improved camera built in, which is a norm in every iPhone upgrade.

Furthermore, it is noted by Business Insider that Apple’s Herzliya office houses 800 employees which were set up in 2012 when Apple bought Anobit, the flash memory designer and the 3D sensor developer PrimeSense later in 2013.

Apple has also acquired LinX, an Israeli camera firm. All this being said, plus the speculation that the iPhone 8 is being developed in Israel as we speak, it is likely that the iPhone 8 will have all these used in its development. That is if the rumors are true.


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