iPhone 8

Although Apple has recently released their latest flagship phones earlier this year, tech wizards everywhere are searching the interwebs for any news on the iPhone 8.

Many believe that the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus are merely bridge phones to prepare for the anniversary iPhone 8. There was even some talk about Apple ditching the iPhone 7s and going straight for the iPhone 8 next year.

Apple iPhone 8
(Image: Macworld UK)

It was mentioned that the two latest iPhones are simply filler devices to take on the competition for this year. The real big guns will be released next year in the form of the iPhone 8.

There have been rumors that claim the iPhone 8 will go by the name ‘The iPhone’ or simply ‘iPhone’ to show its dominion over all existing iPhones. Regardless of that possibility, since Apple has yet to confirm anything, we shall refer to it as the iPhone 8.

As avid Apple fans wait for the anniversary phone to arrive, rumors have been spreading about what the phone has to offer. Recent reports suggest that the iPhone 8 will have wireless charging and a full glass body. The two features reportedly benefit from each other.

The full glass body of the iPhone 8 will make the wireless charging capability faster unlike metal phones. At present, metal phones are dominating the industry with their new fast charging features, however, Apple seems to think a faster ‘fast’ charging is possible with a full glass body.

The current fast charging devices in the industry today have proven to be quite the hassle. Utilizing the wireless charging feature means that they have to leave the phone on a plate and let it sit there for a good amount of time. What good is wireless charging if the user is still bound to one location? There is definitely room for improvement and Apple is on the job.

The new physical appearance of the iPhone 8 is heavily reliant on the all-glass exterior. According to one source, the iPhone 8 having a glass surface will remove the physical home button. That being said, it is possible that we will have an on-screen home button similar to the current Assistive touch feature.