iPhone 8 Release Date Rumors
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The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus were just recently released and fans are already thinking about the iPhone 8 and what kind of punch the 10th anniversary iPhone will be packing. There are even rumors that the iPhone 7s will be skipped altogether. According to PC Advisor UK, the iPhone 8 may be released in September 2017 and will carry a different name, the iPhone 8 will be known as The iPhone or the iPhone Pro, making it a special celebratory iPhone that marks 10 innovative years.

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Looking back, in January 2007, the iPhone 3G was released and that was the start of the great device known as this iPhone. The iPhone 8 or iPhone Pro is speculated to be featuring Touch ID sensors on its screen as well as OLED display which is a new feature to be seen on an iPhone. If an OLED display is implemented on the iPhone 8, it will allow the device to be thinner and closer to the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. More improvements include battery enhancements, allowing the iPhone 8 to drain battery slower regardless of the brightness being set to high, the color and contrast are also improved. As for the aesthetics and physical design, the iPhone 8 is said to sport a design similar to the Samsung Edge series but with a ceramic body, thus the iPhone 8 may be the classiest iPhone when it is released.

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Apple is known to embrace changes in the name of a long term goal, no matter how extreme, just like their decision to ditch the 3.5mm headphone jack to nudge people to use wireless  headsets. The same is expected to happen with the iPhone 8, we are surely in for a surprise come September 2017.


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