iphone 8 release date

Apple may take time with this new iPhone 8, preparing some great improvements and updates compared to the other iPhone series, and they will release it on the 10th anniversary of the first iPhone. So now the question is what does iPhone 7 has it in which is upgraded, from the previous version?

Well, they are some interesting gossips about this phone but you still will want to wait for iPhone 8, and I’m going to tell you why in the next few sentences.

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The First thing is that iPhone 8 will launch without a home button, or not an environmental one, as far as we heard. Bloomberg reported that Apple would be focusing on the screen tech and ditch the physical home button. No one knows why yet, but we all know that the look will be fantastic. More rumors trace to another iPhone model with a curved screen, although most gossips acknowledge that the next iPhone will operate on an OLED display.

AppleInsider reported somewhere in April, another new thing about the iPhone 8 may be storing all the biometric data even when a user is unauthorized to access the device, allowing the law people to identify the person responsible for stealing and recover the stolen device if is the case. It’s imprecise exactly how Mayapple will be able to use that type of technology, maybe a machine that can make the difference between your child attempting to unlock the device to play a game or a thief.


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