(Credits : ibtimes.co.in)

Apple authorities have received tons of emails relating to the battery enhancement of iPhone. Although, efforts have been made for long time as far as the battery life of the iPhone is concerned, however, iPhone users are still not satisfied with the battery timing of iPhones and that is why an intense need is felt on users’ behalf for battery improvement.

However, users should keep in mind that size does matter when it comes to the final battery timing of the gadget. Moreover, it has also been observed that ‘S’ models have a slightly smaller battery life than the standard models and that is why there is a margin of improvement in this regard.

Something to cheer for the fans is the new buzz regards to iPhone 7 Plus as it is expected that the new gadget would come with the larger, 3,100mAh battery. This amazingly bigger battery will give users more time and hence more talk time. Here, it is also worth-mentioning that the iPhone 7 will come with 4.7 inch and on the other hand iPhone 7 plus will come with 5.5-inch.

Along with the expected larger battery, the iPhone 7 Plus will also be featuring 256GB of memory. This high memory would obviously offer users with larger space to store various documentation and media files. In addition, the rumors of iPhone 7 being a bezel-free device and also home-button-free would obviously make things amazing for the users. Let’s see when will this awe-inspiring device hit the store and enchant spell on users.


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