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Last year, Apple authorities confronted with an unexpected situation of Shattered displays to its iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus and created a huge array of discussion. The situation got more severe when criticism came from all around the globe. Even some customers were asking for refunds. Moreover, customers were slowly starting to call it quits as far as iPhone usage is concerned.

The above drastic situation was not a satisfactory one for Apple authorities and they had to work out things in an ingenious way. Although, a larger portion of the flaws was removed in iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, still some more insurance was needed when it comes to displays. The latest rumor about iPhone 7 has created spree and it states that iPhone 7 would have the best glass touchscreen display. Sources have confirmed that Apple is going for the advanced technology screen protectors teaming up with with built-in accelerometers and sensors. The coolest thing about this advance technology screen protectors is that these would be the best shock absorbers that are to keep it safe from unexpected damages.

Kudos to Apple authorities that have decided to purchase a patent from “Active Screen Protection for Electronic Devices” and which would be part of part of the forthcoming Apple devices. I think its time for Apple to say bye-bye to shatter displays and fans are on cloud nine when it comes to offering amazing protection.

Let’s see how Apple has come up with addressing the problem of shattered displays.


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