iPhone 7 Updates

There are few challenges in the real world that this phone couldn’t handle which are only tested when you have this phone in your hand, so there is some stress scenario that this phone couldn’t handle that has resulted in some serious quality issues that the tech giant haven’t disclosed.

Here are some of the real world challenges performed with this phone.

  • The Hydraulic Press Test:

By replacing the head jack with the wireless air, pods make this phone waterproof but leads to the most common weakness of stress issues with the phone. The hydraulic press channel discovered that this phone also has some press issues like the ones its predecessors had.

  • Sled Hammer Test:

The sled hammer test on the iPhone 7 has the same result of hydraulic press test had, this phone is not recommended to the workers associated with the field of construction which uses a hammer in their daily-day-work.

  • High-Temperature Test:

Unlike Samsung Note 7 users, the iPhone 7 has high-temperature usage range and did not blow off in the case of high charging but cannot resist fire too.

  • Bending test:

Just like iphone6, the new model also bends easily around the chair as this test is performed by a Russian man Vlogger Sasha Shafik and which is determined that this phone is foldable or bendable around a chair.

  • The Famous Grinder Test:

The new black colored iPhone 7 has glossy touched, but all these things come with a price. The official website has a footnote that “may show fine micro-abrasions with use.” But unlike most of the smartphone, by applying the grinder test on this phone, it showed the same result as the gorilla glass phone showed in their test.


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