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The latest iPhone 6s and 6s Plus is just the tail of the monstrous technological advancements that are coming in the near future from iPhone and that is why the fervor and technology is like never before. Not only the craze of the fanatics is worth-witnessing when it comes to not only the release date but also the rumored technological features.

Although, iPhone 6s and 6s being released in September, Apple authorities are ready to gear up for the iPhone 7 manufacture and most of the news have been in headlines in this regard.  The expectations have reached to its extremes and that is why iPhone 7 can be the most advanced technology phablet that you will ever witness.

The news in the center is that suppliers of iPhone are already believed to be preparing for producing the parts and components of iPhone. Moreover, the component certification ahead of the iPhone 7 is also believed to be in full swing and the sources have confirmed news in this regard.

There are two contradictory theories regards to Apple manufacturing and one of the news is that Apple has placed an order to the supplier TSMC has for the A10 chip based on a 16-nanometer manufacturing process. Moreover, it is also believed that the new chip would be manufactured by the collaboration of the existing suppliers plus expertise being hired from Intel. Now let’s see what Apple is going to figure it out.

Apart from the chip, the inclusion of a new feature that has made fans jubilant is the inclusion of powerful A9X processor. Moreover, the advance protection technology has also created spree in this regard. Let’s wait and see what iPhone has got for us.

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