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The rumours about the launching of the Apple’s stunning product, iPhone 7 are spreading across the world. it has been predicted that it is going to be launched in current year. The iPhone lovers will have to wait for some time for this product as they are so much curious about the new and unique features which have been included in the new phone. it is still unknown whether the Apple will release iPhone 7 only or iPhone 7 plus will also be released just like Apple’s previous version. It is obvious that it will be having some very advanced technology in it and will be distinctive from other Smartphone.

The launch of iPhone 7 is expected in coming winters. However, it has also been observed that Apple has released the previous versions of iPhone in September. So, it is expected to be launched in September as well. no one knows about the exact date of the launch of iPhone as Apple has kept it secret.

The iPhone users are expecting to have something different in new phone as Apple always brings something new in each launch of iPhone every year. The iPhone 7 is expected to have many unique features. It is very difficult to say what you will get before the iPhone 7 fall. The late launch of iPhone 7 has also made the people expect something very surprising in it.

In 2015, Apple Company launched an upgrade program for iPhone, in which it was said that a very fast and affordable upgrade of iPhone series will be released soon which will be iPhone 7.

In start, Apple Company released 3G Apple phones in the market. Later on, the 3G phones were ended and the production of iPhone’s with s series was started such as 4s, 5s, 6s etc.

There are many designers who have launched many videos on the internet in which they tell the features of iPhone 7 and name those videos as official videos. It is important to keep in mind that Apple has not disclosed the features of upcoming phone and no one knows about it exactly.

Based on previous experiences with iPhone, we can expect to have certain features in upcoming phone such as fast processor, high image quality, large internal memory etc. Apply is likely to launch the iPhone 7 in two different sizes. Rumors are about the size of the phone. it has been predicted that Apple will launch a slimmer phone and for this purpose, the jack for headphone will not be available in the phone. the purpose of removing the headphone jack is told that to make room for other components.

There are many rumors about the design of the phone. most of the rumors are that the iPhone 7 will carry the design of iPhone 6 but still it is said that no one exactly knows about the design. It is expected that the Apple company will add faster processor in the iPhone 7 to make it more convenient to use.


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