iPhone 7 plus
(Image: IndianExpress)

IPhone 7 Plus has so many new and different features. This smartphone opens to the side rather than to the top which is certainly different. The adhesive strip that seals iPhone 7 plus is much stronger than the one in iPhone 6s plus. Upon opening the device, lots of glue running along the perimeter of the phone can be seen which could be a possible way by Apple to add water resistance to the phone.

The space which earlier contained the 3.5mm headphone jack on previous iPhones now accommodates the taptic engine and also a plastic bumper which internally covers cosmetic speaker holes which is to the left of the Lightning connector. The miniature plastic piece could be another waterproofing measure taken by Apple.

The teardown reveals that 5.5-inch model of iPhone 7 plus has 2,900 mAh battery which is barely over 5 percent larger than the 2,750 mAh battery found in the iPhone 6s plus. This is the major discovery of the teardown. The battery is estimated at 3.82V and 11.1Wh of energy. According to Apple’s claims, the iPhone 7 plus has about 1-hour longer battery life than the iPhone 6s plus.

iPhone 7 plus camera includes two separate sensors, two lenses, and optical image stabilization on the wide-angled lens. Other interesting features include the usage of Pentalobe screws, rubber gaskets on the sim tray and also around the ring switch for waterproofing, and verification that the pressure sensitive home button is removable.

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