iPhone 7 Plus Jet Black
(Image: Appleinsider)

Apple’s new flagship phone, the iPhone 7 is certainly an object of beauty, with its pleasing aesthetic design and available color range, speaking of colors, the iPhone 7 Jet Black is one of the popular colors and it is now available in certain areas in the US. The iPhone 7 Plus Jet Black first went on sale sometime in the middle of September, though the color being as it is means that the phone is easier t scratch, and said scratches will be more visible the color actually sold out real fast, and it wasn’t enough since many of those who are still up for purchasing a new iPhone 7 are waiting for the iPhone 7 Plus Jet Black to be in-stock again.

Good news awaits those who are patiently waiting for the availability of the iPhone 7 Plus Jet Black, According to iStockNow, a tracker to see the real-time availability of iPhones say that the iPhone 7 Plus Jet Black is now available in most Apple Stores in the United States again.

The said site offers a very useful map that shows the location of Apple Stores and which have the phones they want in-stock. The user will be able to sort the list by phone model, carrier, color, storage, and capacity. A recent search for the in the United States showed that it is presently available in numerous stores around the United States and Canada. Since not every store has the color or model that the user may want to buy, it is best to use this handy iStockNow site to make sure that the model and color you want is available before proceeding to the store itself.


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