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When the highly anticipated iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus finally hit the stores on Friday, September 16, many assumed that the iPhone 7 sales are the boom, and analyst Angelino Zino from S&P Global Market Intelligence initially predicted global sales for the units would hit 13 million on the first weekend since its release.

However, there is an ongoing debate about the model being just another unit while waiting for the release of the iPhone for Apple’s 10-year-anniversary or if the iPhone 7 sales are the boom.

The day that the units were released, investors are said to have dumped shares after a market research firm based in Germany, GfK released soft sales of the iPhone 7 in Europe where it shows that Apple shares that used to be high at 6% since the launching event on Sept 7, has decreased by 1.7% and dragged on the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

Therefore it is still arguable if iPhone 7 sales are boom, since severe feedbacks have been gathered and a few were not convinced about Apple’s latest models. According to a 30 year-old communications consultant from Washington D.C named Erick Sanchez, he would be switching over to Android. The brief statement was as per Sanchez was:  “I’ve owned every iPhone since the first, and this is my tipping point. I’m headed to Android,”

Though it is not all bad feedback, some do agree that the iPhone 7 sales are boom. Rachel Sobel, a writer based in Boca Raton, Fla. was one of those who pre-ordered an iPhone 7 Plus, the 39 year old had this to say: “I was hesitant about the new operating system, but I’m happy with it”. It seems Sobel is satisfied with the replacement of her iPhone 6.

Apple predicted that the iPhone 7 sales are the boom, which led to their decision not to release the first- weekend iPhone sales since units will probably be sold out due to the amount of pre-orders made.

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