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The rumor of iPhone 7 Mini came from nowhere and it all of a sudden, has sent tremors across the ongoing global discussion about iPhone 7. For fans, it was rather a shocking news as iPhone has stepped into size phenomenon and now it seems like Apple is stepping back again to the former technology. iPhone 7 mini according to many experts can be a technological disaster due to serious technicalities involved with its development and manufacturing.
The design of such a small display iPhone can be a serious issue as the latest advance technology cannot be summed up in such a small handset. Moreover, it will hell of a challenge for Apple to work on three different sized phones i.e. iPhone 7, iPhone 7 plus and iPhone Mini at the same time. Comparatively, the authorities also have so much less time left as these phones are set to release in summer 2016. Moreover, iPhone 6CS is also under discussion and is set to be released next year. With a Touch ID fingerprint scanner and a pressure-sensitive Force Touch screen, the new upcoming iPhones can be the best technological wonders.
The issues associated with iPhone 7 are still to be worked out as battery capacity and screen resolution can be the most annoying problems with small display mobiles. However, fans believe that Apple can figure out anything when it comes to technology.


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