iPhone 7 may feature the top to bottom screen

Written by Marcilene Leal

With the new rumored sketch of iPhone 7 being viral on social media, the fans are witnessing have their eyes wide open. The new sketch reveals that iPhone 7 will get rid of the home button that was the feature of its predecessors.

The body of the phone looks very much like an iPhone 6, with a home screen that appears to be based on an Apple Watch. Although, the news have been really confidential before the launch of each new model iPhone, Apple never releases any information on what the future phone will look like or be capable of, however, in the absence of any official details, the concept sketches would be the more likely options for the future phablet.

Although, the body of the phone mainly will resemble the very much awaited iPhone 6, the point of difference would be the top-to-bottom home-screen.

Moreover, it is also believed that the battery life is one of the biggest areas of potential improvement and would be warmly appreciated by customers in case if filmed.

Moreover, the concept video for the iPhone 7 that has been viral these days will also features the notion that Apple might completely say pip pip to the new home button completely on its upcoming model.

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