(Credits : Gamemeplease.com)

As far the rumors about the next iPhone 7 are concerned, we are already having lots of updates and the Intel Chip possibility and waterproof screen rumors are already stealing the show. The latest buzz about iPhone 7 is the inclusion of a complete wraparound screen that has put fans and tech-experts in awe.

The next iPhone 7 may have a unique design from the iPhone 6 and 6s Plus and will have no home button. Moreover, the phone also will have a 3D Touchscreen that has already been introduced in the 6S. The elimination of home button will mean an extra space in order to create the screen bigger and the possibility is also for  a wraparound screen. Although, this restructure in designing can be so much difficult, however, the cut-down headphone socket’ patent can be the best possible way to attain it.

There are also rumors that Apple is enhancing its technology as far as waterproof ability is concerned and that is why, experts are expecting a fully waterproof iPhone 7 in 2016.  The experts are also expecting that the iconic company Intel has got an order from Apple regards to chip manufacturing and Intel has a team of 1,000 workers try making sure that they offer the best chip to Apple.

With iPhone 7 releasing in July 2016, the users are expecting a completely new tech-pack device that would make things amazing for them.


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