iPhone 7 camera
(Image: Martinhajek)

There is, of course, a big difference between the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus, namely the features. One of which is the ability to take 3D Photos. There is now a new third party application called ProCam 4 that utilizes the iPhone 7 dual camera to create 3D photos.

Wigglegrams work by using two different perspectives from the phone’s two lenses and create a stereoscopic image. To take the 3D picture is now possible thanks to this handy app and the iPhone 7 Camera. However the phone itself is not equipped with the 3D display, meaning it cannot view actual 3D images, but as a workaround, the app creates the 3D effect by rapidly switching both images to create the illusion of movement and it actually tricks the brain to see it as a 3D image.

The ProCam4 app requires minimal user intervention, to put simply, all the user has to do is click on the shutter and once presented with two overlapping pictures, next thing to do is to align the two by simply using a dragging motion. All the user has to do is make sure that the main object is aligned in both photos, this will guarantee that the wigglegram will be successfully taken with the main object still and the background moving.

iPhone 7 Camera users will have the option to save the wigglegram in different file formats, including GIF, JPEG + GIF or as a Video. Once the wigglegram is shared, it will still retain its 3D illusion across any platform.


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