iPhone 7 Shattered displays due to some unwanted reasons for iPhones can be the most frightening nightmares that you ever have and can result into money being spent on its repair and maintenance. A need was always felt on customer’s behalf to figure this issue out. The customer’s feedback and suggestions compel Apple authorities to think out of the box and bring innovative display technology into its new generation phablets.

The Apple authorities have confirmed through some recent publications that a new methodology would be devised in order to keep the glass touchscreen display from being shattered. The manufacturers are going to bring advanced technology screen protectors that would be used in collaboration with built-in accelerometers and sensors. The inclusion of advance technology screen protectors sounds good and would be placed on four corners of the display. The new technology screen protector can prove to be a shock absorber for the smartphone and would keep it safe from unexpected damages.

Thanks to “Active Screen Protection for Electronic Devices” which is the highly acclaimed patent application from the high acclaimed US Patent authorities. Moreover, Apple is also planning to include this technology in other gadgets as well apart from iPhone.

The coolest thing about these protectors is that they would adjust as soon it senses danger and would re-adjust once the sensors signal that the danger has vanished. Moreover, it is also expected that the new advance protection technology would tend to include the iPhone’s built-in camera in order to help sensing the dropped iPhone.

The new rumored technology has sent a wave of joy among fans. The diehards are crazy that they are going to bid adieu to the shattering fiasco and they can’t wait to experience this new technology in their iPhones.


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