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The iPhone 7 phenomenon is on its extremes and that is why every new update is getting an insane amount of coverage over all forms of media. This fact is tatamountly revealing that iPhone 7 can be the best of technological wonders being offered by Apple so far. Let us have a look at some of the changes that are expected to be made in iPhone 7.

Home Button

A recent conceptual video regards to iPhone 7 that has been viral ever since its release shows a completely new phone. Apart from other changes that the video reveals is the absence of home button. In addition, this video also reveals that the new iPhone 7 would be a completely bezel-free device.

Wireless Charging

The new Apple would also be a gadget that would be the first one ion the flagship to feature wireless charging. A need was seriously felt on users’ behalf to have an iPhone in hand that supports wireless charging. With this feature included in new iPhone 7, the users would obviously be having the best smartphone with wireless charging accessible to them.

The Most Advance Technology Chip

We are hoping beyond hope that iPhone 7 may include A9 chip. However, it is also rumored that the collaboration of Intel and Qualcomm is also under process and iPhone 7 can make changes in order to make its chip the mesmerizing one so far.

Let’s see how this new phone turns out to be.


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