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The grapevine effect regards to iPhone 7 is on its peaks and every now and then we are confronted with rumors associated with its release. These rumors even more flavor the hype and discussion associated with this upcoming worldly phenomenon of its release. Hardly two months have passed since the release of iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, still the craze for iPhone 7 is on. The news about the kick-off of the production of the iPhone phablets has started a new discussion as to which kind of designs and features have been packed in the iPhone 7.

We are having innumerable rumors prior to the release of iPhone 7 & 7 Plus and notable among them are wireless charging, touchscreen with built-in Touch ID and any more. The latest buzz about iPhone 7 is that the phablet will get released in summer 2016. Unlike the previous ones, the wait for this edition of iPhone would not be that long and thus diehards would have this new mesmerizing phone soon in their hands.

In addition, the news that is the word on the street is that Apple will also launch a couple of new iPhones in September 2016 and thus making the supply of new phablets even more. It is also more likely that the iPhone 7 would undergo a major physical redesign. Possibly, the home button may disappear and it will be more thinly most likely. In addition, the ‘cut-down headphone socket’ patent is also going to have a major change in its design and shape.



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