(Credits : Appleinsider.com)

The technological offerings of Apple are so many and of superb quality. Every time, a new announcement is made about the new technology, fans are desperately waiting for this new offering to come. Moreover, it is true beyond the shadow of doubt that Apple has offered so much to its customers and more is expected from them in future.

The new buzz about iPhone 7 is that Apple is introducing a new feature related to fingerprint technology. The touch ID fingerprint sensor is undoubtedly the best tool to unlock the phone and even make purchases with Apple Pay. This new application is because of the new trademark, namely “Fingerprint Activation Of A Panic Mode of Operation For A Mobile Device,” and would make things easy for the customers.

This truly exceptional technology would make an iPhone raise a “panic mode” and also enable it to a designated finger on the Touch ID sensor. Moreover, as soon as the mode is activated, the device can be unlocked easily.

This technology has truly mesmerized the user and thus would help users in making things pretty amazing and exceptional as far usage is concerned.


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