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The rumors regard to astounding features of iPhone 7 is igniting the already-going insane fervor being attached to the spell-binding phone. It won’t be an over-estimation to say that iPhone 7 can be the best smartphone in the history and right now, what we are hearing about this astounding gadget, it is clear that it would be something extraordinary.

As far as the rumors are concerned, the buzz is that iPhone 7 would be the first of its kind to feature an OLED display and that undoubtedly would make things pretty amazing as far as the fascinating features and graphics are concerned. Moreover, the recent patent that has been filed by the Apple in Patent and Trademark office is revealing some bumpers that would automatically burst out from the edges for the protection of the screen as soon as fell down.

Diehards wish to have iPhone that is astounding when it comes to camera and the new iPhone 7 would feature 12MP camera supported by 5MP front camera for selfie lovers. As far as the OS is concerned, diehards would undoubtedly be thrilled to know that iPhone & be powered by iOS10 and that undoubtedly be the best favor from Apple authorities.

Furthermore, bezel-free front, wrap-around screen and most importantly waterproof nature would obviously be the most amazing features that fans would love to have. If you are buying iPhone 6S or 6S Plus, an ingenious suggestion would be to wait for iPhone 7.


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