The fervor is insane!!! The enthusiasm is wild!!! And we are still having plenty of time to go prior to the release of iPhone 7 with rumors being followed by the fans at the highest levels. The new viral video of iPhone 7 containing images of the new Apple device being full screen has made us in awe. The device capability of revealing images past the regular display boundaries would be the newest one that has never been tried by the other smartphone giants.

There are also some new rumors about the display of iPhone 7 and the word on the street is that Apple is most likely to feature OLED displays from its arch rival i.e. Samsung. The time has come for Apple to include OLED display-equipped phablets to its lineup and thus coming in line with the smartphone producers who have already feature these displays in their devices.

The buzz that iPhone 7 is soon going to say adios to the home button feature has made die hards in awe and it is also rumored that the gadget would also feature a sapphire display that is supposed to be extra-resistant. The company has also feature sapphire in its Apple Watch and iPhone 7 may be the next on the list.

Although, a lot has been discussed in this regard but iPhone going full screen has made diehards more fanatic about the upcoming iPhone 7.


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