The hype about iPhone 7 has reached to insane levels with so many rumors making spree and taking the craze to the highest level. The latest buzz about the new technological phablet is the absence of the home button with bezel-free front and a complete wraparound display. This clearly means that the space that is available in the latest designs would be absent in the next phone.

As far as the material of iPhone 7 is concerned, the company is trying to use sapphire crystals in iPhone 7 and which means that iPhone would be the first phablet that would be without glass. Moreover, it is also in news that Apple would use Touch ID sensor into the side of the phone and make it just like in Sony’s Xperia range. This way, iPhone would enable users to easily unlock their iPhones on a surface without picking it up.  

The authorities have confirmed that iPhone would release iPhone 7 mini and iPhone 6CS next year apart from iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Let us see how Apple cope up with this situation.



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