Imagine a phone without bezel and the awe-inspiring feature is made possible in the new iPhone 7. The concept design for iPhone 7 is truly the making of a classic and we are truly mesmerized by such a unique idea. The concept is so appealing that diehards are eagerly and desperately waiting for this new iPhone to get release.

The new concept video being viral is showing a bezel-free smartphone and the device would be an amazing standard metal slate. The fans are on cloud nine the moment this rumor has made spree. The coolest thing about new phone would be that the entire front of the phone, including a physical home button would be a complete full frontal display.

According to some more details, if you switch on the theoretical device, the lock screen fills the entire display and thus you can easily swipe up to show the Control Center and the moment you unlock the device, iOS will shrink in order to create black bezels around it. By having a look at this technology, we can easily comprehend the technological standards that Apple is meeting these days.

The concept of the bezel free phone is a complete new entry and if made practical would be a highest technological wonder. However, this design is not child’s play and the iOS developers would have to burn midnight oil in order to make it practical. Let’s see when will the cat be out of its bag.


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