In a nutshell, its strength is its support to its customers. With so many awesome and helpful features iPage has almost everything for a person who intends to build a site. The website builder certainly lets its roots shine through. The website has a very user friendly appearance and tools for customer’s satisfactory experience. I wanted to build my own website as I own a business and creating a website after setting your business venture is quite inevitable from business’s point of view.

The features have so much diversity in them which enables a person to create the best site ever!!
I used and tried different web layouts and patterns to see what kind of style I want to have for my website. In no time I chose one and then worked on other aspects of my sites.  

I deal in garments and had launched my brand a few years ago. I was doing very well but I wasn’t growing and neither was my business. Then this realization dawned upon me that “Why don’t i market my business through internet”. The best way to do that was to have my own website.

Hiring Professionals for creating your website could be very costly so I opted for free online website builders. I compared iPage with many other sites but didn’t find anything new or attractive.

Basically iPage provides a simple and fool-proof option for beginners. It’s not a site for pros , any person with basic computer skills can operate and utilize iPage for creating his own website.

My experience on this website was very enriching. They have put a lot of weight into its support by offering telephone support for the customers. I had a few quarries and questions and I wanted to talk with the team of page.

With their live chat assistance I got my questions answered which helped me create my website even more effectively.

You visit this site you get a variety of site builders with the likes of Weebly and Word Press.
You also get the facility of registering your domain name for free of cost.

I had a concern while trying to create my website. I wanted my site to be secured. I wanted to get rid of security based concerns but then I found out that iPage provides security based assistance too. I got my site secured for just a $100 payment. This is the key requirement of any person who wants to create a website and the fact that iPage has it for people makes me appreciate the iPage staff.

The thing which I appreciate about this site builder the most is its marketing tools for people who want their website to be marketed.

I paid only $100 for iPage to market my site through Google AdWords credit, $100 Yahoo/Bing credit, free listing and more!!

Overall it’s a great platform and medium for people who want to create website. I am thinking to recommend it to my friend as well. He wants to create a website for growing his career.

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