(Credit : Macworld.co.uk)

The iPad Pro is undoubtedly the best gadget in the iPad lineup and has stunned the fans with its extraordinary features. With its 12.9-inch screen  that is way more than its predecessor, things have turned out so amazing for fans that are joying not only extra space but also an optional keyboard cover and most importantly a stylus. It would not be an over-estimation to say that iPad Pro would be an amazing replacement for your laptop and will make things pretty amazing for you. Now, you don’t have to buy a laptop and tablet as iPad Pro offers you with both the facilities in just one gadget.

According to the Apple CEO Tim Cook, iPad Pro is truly the device that a lot of people would opt instead of a traditional laptop. All the credits undoubtedly go to iPad Pro as the gadget has come up with an additional keyboard and stylus and thus turning out to a strong contender compared to traditional laptop.

With the Microsoft Surface tablet release in 2012, the strong buzz was that it would be an astounding device, however, something that could run full PC programs and also touch-friendly tablet apps. However, the users were really disappointed as nothing turned out to be near true in this regard and also the manufacturers failed to fulfill the promise in second, third, and also the recent fourth Surface tablet. Diehards being fed up with this poor show can seek a savvy shelter in case of iPad Pro.


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