iPad pro 2
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Fans of the Apple branded tablet have been awaiting the iPad Pro 2 Release Date since the last upgrade from the line of tablets was way back September 2015. Recent reports are suggesting that Apple will launch the new iPad Pro 2 and the MacBook Pro 2016 this month.

Back when the iPad Pro was released back in September 2015, the 12.96-inch tablet had people hoping for Apple to immediately follow it up with a new iteration. Though after months and months of rumors and speculations, there was no actual announcement from Apple regarding the existence of the iPad Pro 2 at the time. Though there had been recent speculation that the new tablet will be launched along with the iPhone 7, but as we can see now, that did not happen.

There are new reports that say that the iPad Pro 2 may not be this year especially since there is yet to be an official statement from Apple regarding this issue. But some observers think that there is a chance that the tablet will be launched in October, along with the much-awaited laptop upgrade, the MacBook Pro 2016. Though this rumor has been going around, there are some who think that it is more likely for the new gadgets to be launched in February 2017 instead.

As for what to expect with the new iPad Pro 2, it is said to flaunt a slimmer and lighter design compared to the previous iPad Pro. There is also some speculation that the iPad Pro 2 will follow on Apple’s new trend of removing the 3.5mm headphone jack and instead carry a new audio port like how it is with the iPhone 7. Another rumored feature is the waterproofing of the iPad Pro 2. Note that all this has yet to be confirmed by Apple, one thing is for sure, the new tablet will arrive with great specs and new features.

Another report states that the new iPad Pro 2 will have three variants available to choose from in different sizes. All of which will be running on the latest A10x processor and the iOS 10 operating system.


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