iPad pro 2
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The iPad Pro 2 is definitely one of the devices to be released, hopefully, this year. The new device is expected to follow the footsteps of the successful iPad Pro. However, regardless of all the excitement over the device, Apple has yet to say anything regarding the latter, and there is word that the company is delaying the release of the tablet to keep the limelight on the iPhone 7.

If we remember the Apple’s most notable competitor Samsung has had a rough year because of all the bad press from their fire-prone tablet fiasco. With that being said, it is likely that Apple may just be maximizing on the market hole left by their competitor who pulled out the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, hence keeping the spotlight on the iPhone instead of attracting the market to another Apple product, the iPad Pro 2.

There is a possibility that Apple will release two variations of the iPad Pro 2, one is a 10.35-inch model and the other, a 12.9 inch as per Expert Reviews UK.

It is reported that Apple has made the decision regarding what to the with the release date of the iPad Pro 2 only a few days after their rival, Samsung had skyrocketing battery problems, which later caused a global recall and the rest is history.

Apple has yet to announce a release date for the tablet, the iPad Pro 2. However, the most popular rumor points to the possibility of the tablet being launched before Thanksgiving just in time for the holiday sales bump.


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