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The iPad Pro 2 Release Date is yet to be confirmed, but every Apple fans are digging for getting more insight on the product. There are many exciting features of this new Apple product. The rumored device may come in a larger size and replace both the previous models.

The iPad Pro 2 is an upcoming tablet from Apple. There is no confirmed iPad Pro 2 Release Date but is speculated o release in the September of 2016 along with the iPhone 7, but can move to 2017. The first iPad Pro came out last year, and so one can usually expect Apple on updating the device this year. However, since the demand for new tablets is low and the iPad Pro 9.7 was released this year, one has to probably wait for a long time to see the new iPad Pro 2.

There is no iPad Pro 2 Release Date, but one can expect there will be some revelations about when it will be released during the launch of iPhone 7. Experts believe that since there has been no sign of any release till now, it will probably be released next year. This year Apple has already launched their iPad Pro 9.7 in the March of 2016.

Price of the device

There is no news on the price of the product. However, when compared to the first iPad Pro’s price, it certainly won’t be an easy one for ordinary people. The iPad Pro 2 Release Date revelation will perhaps reveal the price of the product.

Design of the product

The design of the new iPad Pro 2 will, according to media speculations, will be a lot slimmer and lighter slate with the additional feature of water resistance and no headphone port. There is a high chance that Apple will make the new device lighter and slimmer, as the company frequently brings new changes in their latest products.

There are many rumors concerning the new iPad pro 2 Release Date, some of them are the removal of the 3.5mm headphone jack from the device, probably for making it slimmer. They must also remove the port from the device.

There is also a high possibility of the device being dust and water resistant. There are lower risks of devices like these, which are used indoors but will definitely help against spilled liquids and many more cases.

Some more information on this device

According to a prominent analyst, the new iPad Pro 2 will come in different sizes. The different sizes are a 12.9-inch model, 9.7-inch model and also the new 10.5-inch model. The analyst could not mention the resolution and other details, but people are predicting that the device will come with the true tone display feature, which had debuted with the iPad Pro 9.7.

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