ipad mini 5
(Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Although older versions of the iPad mini have been released during the months of October and November, this seems to be unlikely for the case of the iPad mini 5 release date. The fact that no information was officially disclosed during Apple’s event last September 7, this makes speculations lean slightly towards the possibility that the iPad mini 5 release date would actually be on March 2017. Similar to how the iPad Pro was released around the same time frame.

Apple fans are definitely aware of the months that Apple usually announces the release date of new models. The previous iPad Mini 4 actually arrived on a September, much difference from its predecessors the iPad mini 2 and iPad mini 3 which were all launched during October events. This time, however, when it comes to the iPad mini 5 release date fans are speculating that it will be released during a March event where the company usually releases new Macs and the Apple Watch series.

While waiting for the official iPad mini 5 release date to be announced by Apple – hopefully very soon, fans are wondering if the new iPad mini 5 will have as many changes like the iPad mini 4 had when it was released in 2015. The iPad mini 4’s design was already quite a jump from the look and feel of the previous iPad mini 3, whereas it was 6.1mm thin. It is quite possible that the new iPad mini 5 will be 5mm thin, especially since the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 showed that it was possible to have 5.6mm thin tablet.

Word has it that the iPad mini 5 will have the 7000-series aluminum chassis, similar to what the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus are flaunting. Moreover, there is also speculation that the new iPad mini 5 will be waterproof and dust-proof.


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