iPad mini 5
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It was highly anticipated that the release date of the iPad Mini 5 would be announced. Although the mini tablet was one of the products Apple intended to showcase at the company’s recent event, it was unfortunate that the device got missing from the bunch and, therefore, may now remain unseen till the release of the next iteration.

Even as the release date of the iPad Mini 5 was not announced at the September event, fans believe that the upcoming iPad Mini variant would sometimes be unveiled shortly. The iteration of the iPad Mini was introduced in September 2015, but since the new version was not mentioned in 2016, PC Advisor speculates that the new tablet could be launched in March 2017 because Apple is known to hold a keynote in March.

The iPad Mini 5, being one of the most anticipated announcements from the Apple event becomes even increasingly an expected iDevice of which its absence left the superfans speculating its release alongside the Macbook Pro 2016. As noted by Bloomberg, the Macbook Pro 2016 will most likely be uncovered at a later date. Therefore, the iPad Mini 5 fans should expect the appearance of a new iDevice during the event.

At the end of the event, consumers’ eyes were only glued to the iPhone 7 and the new Apple Watch, not only because they were better iDevices, but also because the long waited tablet was not present.

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