iPad air 3
(Image: Digital Spy)

The iPad Air series was one of those products that fans have expected an annual upgrade from, following the iPad Air’s previous track record, it was released in October 2013 and after a year the iPad Air 2 was released, so it follows that fans will be getting the iPad Air 3 by 2015, however that did not happen so fingers are definitely crossed for 2016. Unfortunately, that seems to be quite far from possible since Apple has yet to announce anything regarding the series during the last Apple event on September. There are a few hoping that the tablet will be unveiled during this month’s event, however, there is no update regarding that so far. There is a new report that estimates that the iPad Air 3 will be out by 2017 instead.

According to PC Advisor, there is still a need for the iPad Air series, hence Apple will definitely produce that device. Although there have been rumors that the lighter variation may be discontinued due to the iPad Pro, however, that seems less likely since the pricing is somewhat relevant at this point. The iPad Pro line would sport a price tag starting at $800 which is not going to let the consumers upgrade while staying within a $450 – $799 price range.

The iPad Air 3 will be flaunting a whole lot of new features and much-improved specifications. It may be thinner that the current iPad Air 2 which stands at 6.1mm. This is possible because of the new stronger yet lighter aluminum that Apple has used recently for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, though it is worth mentioning that the thin structure o the new devices was also made possible by sacrificing certain 3.5mm headphone jack. The new iPad Air is also said to have a 9.7-inch frame with 2048 x 1536 pixel resolution. Plus a powerful A10 chip that is also found in Apple’s new flagship phones.


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