(Credit : Phys.org)

According to seasoned technology experts, iOS applications are developing new issues and has comparatively more issues regards to external threats as compared to Android. The recent massive leak of celebrities’ accounts was truly a point of great concern for the authorities and raise questions about iPhone security problems.

The external threats for iOS Apps are so severe and if compared with Android Apps are so drastic.

The set of iOS applications that are under threats cover all types of genres and include banking, utilities, retail, gaming and security. Even more severe is the case of banking applications that had severe threats from hackers regards faulty authentication and also data leakage.

The most sensitive case of leakage is the associated with personal or sensitive information ad also authentication and authorization problems have been observed on such a massive scale. In addition, the external threats may also be observed in the case of availability, cryptography weaknesses, the disclosure of technical information and also application logs, and input validation handling. These issues if not addressed can have drastic consequences for iPhone in the near future. The burden of responsibility lies upon iOS developers to remove these shortcomings and make iOS a user-friendly bug-free iOS.


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