(Credit: Wctechblog.com)

With iOS 9, Apple truly is touching the class of operating system and that is why we need to know all about it in detail.

As far as the design is concerned, iOS has the more classy and finest and elegant choice and the ultimate beauty of the layout compel us to appreciate the developer’s effort.

In the case of iOS 9, Apple do care about privacy and none of the information that Siri stores about you goes back to Apple. This truly is a drawback in terms of customizing your experience across multiple platforms and devices and you are not sure about what is done with your data and how it is used.

Fingerprint recognition support and also revamped app permissions system are truly the best features of this operating system. Moreover, with the Apple added a low battery mode and even a back button (of sorts), this is truly an amazing and fun to enjoy type of operating system.

With Siri getting a major upgrade in the latest versions of iOS, we truly have the best option in case of it and thus making it easy for us to enjoy all the services.

Apple has also continued to add spit and polish to their native apps and more specifically the stock apps are updated at the same time as the operating system itself.

If compared with Android, iOS offers a less fragmented, less customized and a more private experience to their user.


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