The very own operating system i.e. iOS is truly the point of great pride and also great distinction for Apple and that is why a need is always felt by the other giants in the industry such as Samsung to develop its own operating system and not to rely on Android. iOS has truly transformed the smartphone industry into new horizons. With the arrival of iOS 9, Apple has put on a great show. The iOS 9 was announced at WWDC 2015 that was held in San Francisco this year. The coolest thing about this operating system was the inclusion of the most marvelously new and updated features.

This new operating system includes the most amazing virtual assistant i.e. Siri that has been the core of discussion ever since it was first introduced few years back. This time you get the most exceptional and fantabolous edition of it. Moreover, with updated Notes app, transit directions in Maps, Wallet app with store and loyalty cards, iOS has truly stolen the show.

The best part that make iOS a distinguished one is that it supports the same hardware as iOS 8, so a convenient option is available to all of the users to move to iOS 9 from iOS 8. Moreover, the best part about iOS 9 is that Apple has made iOS 9 to much lesser space occupier than iOS 8, so customers won’t complain about space issue. The inclusion of Selfie and Screenshot albums in Photos is truly amazing. Moreover, the addition of faster access to Apple Pay, and also low power mode, has made it the most mesmerizing iOS so far.

Last but not the least, iOS 9 would support wonderful gadgets and will offer support for the the upcoming devices as well. The addition of new Apple emoji collections has also won laurels for this awesome operating system.


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