Smartphones have become a part of our life nowadays. We all know, iPhone is one of the best-selling brands of the world because it comes with many unique features.

The apple company repeated upgrades its software versions to provide us with the best and user-friendly experience. Introduced on 5th June 2017 at the worldwide developer’s conference, IOS 11 is the latest version of IOS for the Apple devices. It is the best and the most advanced operating system till now.

IOS 11 has dozens of new features that will make the life of the users much easier. IOS brings subtle design changes to the interface elements throughout the operating system, the control center, and lock screen have been entirely redesigned, the Touch ID is replaced or augmented with the Facial ID, 3D touch integrations have been expended and a lot of useful and fun stuff is added in the new version of IOS.

A more advanced and proactive Siri have been introduced and can perform many tasks on its own and can translate languages even Chinese. In this article, we will provide you all the recent information about the features of the latest IOS 11.IOS-11

The new version of IOS 11 has provided us many interactive apps. If you are an android user but curious to have the taste of the app tailored for the Apple platform and don’t want to spend a huge amount of cash to buy a new iPhone then we have a good news for you. There are numerous ways to run IOS apps on your Android handsets without breaking a sweat.

You should check out the “best free ios emulator for android. This is an easy way to use all the Apple apps into your android devices. Now we will tell you about the awesome features of IOS 11, so here is an eye’s view of all the main features of  IOS 11.

ARKitIt is the advanced technology that Apple has introduced in the latest version of IOS. IOS 11 is bringing a new augmented reality framework called “ARK it”.

It enables the developers to build immersive AR experiences in their apps faster than ever before. The ARK it blends digital objects and content with the environment around you.

NEW CONTROL CENTER: Apple has redesigned the control center and now it is customizable. It is easier for you to customize and set up shortcuts for your preferred apps now. Plus you can use 3D touch in the control center to unlock more commands.


AIRPOD CONTROL CUSTOMIZATION: ios 11 has the ability to customize the controls of wireless earphones. In settings, you can customize what the double tap will do, whether it activates the Siri or change the track to previous or the next.

DO NOT DISTURB WHILE DRIVING: When you start driving your phone will sense that you are in some kind of transportation and it will prevent you from getting distracted by phone calls, text messages, and notifications. The people who would be trying to reach you will be notified that you are driving.

DRAG AND DROP PAD: This drag and drop feature is new in the IOS 11. This feature allows you to drag photos, text and other multimedia between the apps easily. You can essentially move around things anywhere you like on the screen.

SHARING YOUR Wi-Fi PASSWORD: This latest version of IOS allows you to share password without entering it in another phone. If the guest and the user are connected with the same Wi-Fi network and are using the IOS 11 or a higher version then they can connect to the network by just a simple tap.

EDITABLE LIVE PHOTOS: In IOS 11 you can edit live photos. Specifically, the user can trim the video loops. The users can also select the key photo from the loop and can also mute the sound of the loop.

INDOOR MAPS: This feature of IOS 11 will provide you with indoor maps of all the big shopping centers and airports all over the world. This makes it easier to see where you want to go in such huge places. This feature can also help in finding different shops in a large mall.

TAKING INSTANT NOTES WITH APPLE PENCIL One of the new features of IOS11 is when you tap on the lock screen with an Apple pencil, the notes app will immediately open. This allows the users to get organized and retain your ideas more efficiently and instantly.

WRITING QUESTIONS FOR SIRI: This feature of IOS 11 allows the people to type their questions and requests to Siri if they cannot speak. If you turn this feature on Siri will no longer work on speech recognition.


MAKESHIFT DARK MODE:  This new feature of IOS 11 provides the users with smart invert colour techniques in which the colour of the text becomes lighter and the background becomes lighter but the multimedia like photos and videos remain unaffected by the colour inversions. It can be used as a makeshift “Dark mode“, making your screen easier on your eyes.

AIRPLAY 2: This feature of IOS 11 allows the user to control all the audio systems and speakers throughout the home. You can even start on the speakers instantly, in sync with each other.


SIRI GETS A NEW VOICESiri now supports translations from American English to Chinese, French, German, Italian and Spanish. The flagship change for the virtual assistant is a brand new synthesized voice. It is improved and has a real touch in it.

These are the new awesome features of the latest version of IOS 11. These new features set the new iPhone apart from the other smartphone. I am sure you will love this article.
I hope this article will not leave you with any questions but if it does feel free to ask. We will be really glad to answer all your queries in our upcoming articles. We will try to provide you with the latest and the best information. So stay tuned for more informative articles.

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