IOS 10 Jailbreak
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The IOS 10 Jailbreak tool may actually be arriving earlier than it was thought. Apple counteracted the move by hackers to get a jailbreak tool were it released the latest iOS firmware intended for iDevices just a couple of days ago.

Previously, an Italian hacker by the name Luca Todesco surprised people when he said that we could jailbreak iOS 10 and this guy presented a video showing how he successfully can jailbreak the newest version of iOS 10.

Apparently, the jailbreak is dubbed “yaluX” and from the demonstrations in the video, the tool was able to crack iOS 10 by simply doing a showcase on running MobileSubstrate support.

Despite the claims by Todesco, there are no assurances that he is going to release his jailbreak tool because he has always not released his work. For the players, there is still something to smile about despite Todesco not likely to release the jailbreak tool.

Both iH8Sn0w and Pangu are working on a similar tool for iOS 10. These two made it successfully in jailbreaking the iOS 10’s beta 8 version as seen in a demonstration at the (MOSEC) Security Conference. And this shows the big progress the jailbreak community is making.

It may be just a rumor, but there are hints that the Pangu’s iOS 10 Jailbreak could be coming out early this October.

However, these theories may just be taken with a grain of salt considering that Apple could still roll out changes with the newest iOS 10.

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