iOS 10 Jailbreak Status Update
(Credits : Youtube)

In an effort to improve the overall performance of the latest iOS versions Apple sees it best to make sure everyone’s iOS is up-to-date, and to implement this further, the company has limited the downgrading capabilities of users.

There are plenty of reasons for users to want to downgrade their iOS version and the most popular of which is the availability of jailbreaks in older versions. The iOS 9.3.5 was reported to have a working jailbreak available and a few users are still running this old operating system for that reason alone.

Before Apple decided to take the big leap to update their OS Signing Protocol, users were free to downgrade to older versions of iOS that had a working jailbreak available jut to check the new perks of a jailbreak device. That era is now over since Apple has changed their OS Signing Protocol, meaning the oldest iOS version that a user can downgrade to may be up to iOS 10.0.2 as per Ubergizmo.

The tech giant seems to feel strongly about this move on their iOS signings, making iOS 10.0.2 the oldest people can revert to, and now users can no longer go back to iOS 9.3.5 which has a working jailbreak available. Moreover, Apple is also spicing everything up to entice users to keep their devices up to date.

In a previous article in JBHNews, it was mentioned that the famous jailbreaking group Pangu has yet to come up with a working jailbreak for iOS 10, the group has kept quiet recently and many take it as proof of failure to cook up the iOS 10 jailbreak. That being said, the last available jailbreak is that of the iOS 9.3.5, and Apple is making it harder for folks to revert back to that version of iOS.


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